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Memory Memorial Pillow Using Shirts

Memory Memorial Pillow Using Shirts

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This memory pillow is made from your loved one's clothing and can be a great gift to keep for yourself or give to family member or friend to keep for generations. This pillow can made into various sizes of pillows to best fit the shirt and your desires. Regular t-shirt pillows will be made to have a lapped opening in the back for the pillow form to easily be removed for washing. Dress shirts and polos will have the collars left in tacked unless you specify otherwise, and this will be the access point of the pillow form. If you would like the pillow to be double sided, we can add a hidden zipper for an additional charge to allow you to have two different "fronts". We can also add personalization to your pillow by embroidering a name, dates, a signature or a poem. You can designate that in the drop-down selections in the order.

Commonly Ask Questions about our Memory Pillows

What can a pillow be made of?

A pillow is best made from shirts, sweaters, pants, dresses, blankets, or most any other large fabric type material (cotton, flannel, fleece, and knit). Non-ideal materials would be very sheer material, fragile lace, and beaded or sequin material. Please make sure wash all materials before sending or bring them to us. Can I use multiple items of clothing in a pillow?

Yes, of course! But this process takes a bit longer than a single clothing item so please check out our "Patchwork Memory Pillow." We can make a custom pillow made with various clothing items for you. This is ideal if you have multiple pillows, you would like made up and bits of each item spread out amongst them.
How do handle dress shirts with buttons and a collar?

With button down dress shirts and polos, we will be default leave the collars in tacked, unless you otherwise specify. The shirt buttons will be left as is to access the pillow form inside the pillow if it ever needs washed.

Can I have a name or initials or text embroidered on the pillow? Yes, we offer embroidery customization for an extra fee. Most pillows can be directly stitched on but often the color schemes, especially with plaid shirts that a patch would be recommended to be added to the shirt with the poem or letter added.  We also can provide a Photo of your Loved one ON the pillow.  Just request that in the note section.  This will either cover the entire back of the pillow or be included in the piecing of the material when quilting.

The standard poem that will be used if requested reads - "This is a shirt I used to wear. Whenever you hold it know that I am there." If you don't want this poem, just be sure to let us know exactly what text you want in the comments section of your order.
What size of pillow can be made?

Pillows can be 12x16", 14x14", 16x16", or 18x18"" in size. Size can be selected based on the size of the article of clothing provided and your preference of size. Some shirts may have a particular logo or design that requires a particular size of pillow to best display it.
How long does it take to get a pillow made?

Depending on the work schedule, please allow at least at least a week for a pillow to be completed. Please do let us know if this item needs to be rushed for purposes of helping someone who needs help in the healing process of losing a loved one.
Once ordered, please send us an email with your order number so that we can provide you with our shipping address. OUR EMAIL IS; CEDARHILLCOUNTRYMARKET@GMAIL.COM Scraps are NOT returned unless you request them in advance.

Give us a quick message to let us know that you have sent your items so we can keep a watch out for them. MAKE SURE YOU ALWAYS GET A TRACKING NUMBER WHEN SHIPPING CLOTHING AS WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST CLOTHING IN THE MAIL! We will contact you when we are ready to ship them back out to you.

Thank you again for trusting us with your loved one's items and we are extremely honored to be creating these keepsakes for you!

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