Here are some common Questions we get which can save you time and money as you shop with us.  If you don't see your question, please email us at CedarHillCountryMarket@gmail.com or use our contact us form.

Q: Do you have a retail store?

A: No, we don't have a retail space. But shopping with us on-line saves you money and time.  No more wondering around shopping or wasting your time not knowing about the services or styles we carry, its all right here.  We run our business in our local shop which is very low overhead and allows us to save you money on orders large and small. If you are local to us; we do have small boutique type booths at several of the Antique malls in Plano, TX.

Q: What are your Hours of Operation?

A: We seem to work day and night, but our customer service lines are open Mon-Saturday 9:00am Central to 5:00pm Central Standard time.  We are closed on Sundays.

Q: Can I get a refund on my purchase?

A: Refunds are ONLY offered when the items arrives damaged or the customer provides proof that the item was never received. Incorrect sizes or change of mind do not equate to a refund. The reason for this is 85% of our orders are custom orders. We do however offer exchanges or store credit. Refunds are not offered for ANY custom made items (clothing, blankets, towels, or anything we have personalized an item). You have 2 business days to let us know there is an issue with the order for us to help resolve it. If you go out of town after you've placed an order only to open the package weeks later, we only offer store credit in those situations.

Q: Can I bring you a shirt to print?

A: We do not allow our customers to drop-ship shirts to us, unless they are embroidery items and we have issued an order number for your items. Most all our products are handmade and handcrafted so due to the risk of slight error we like to pull from our own inventory. This saves time and money for both our customers and our business. We also would not want to ruin or have to replace any of your priceless items should our equipment not perform.

Q: Can you print on Poly-Blend or Dry-Blends

A: Yes!  We offer sublimation services.  This requires 60% or more Polyester substrate.  We also offer other options to complete your promotional items with a professional finish like Heat applied Graphics which include; glitter fleck, fashion film, fashion electric, foils and Premium Plus and Sport Film for jerseys.  While we do offer Garment Embellishment services, our fashion films contain NO vinyl components but instead poly. These are perfect for one color, two color and three color images.  All of our products are washable and can withstand average wear and tear. Call our office OR fill our a custom order form so we can evaluate and approve your order prior to payment.

Q: What are Heat Applied Graphics

A: The best definition for Heat Applied Graphics is; we take your artwork and send it to one of our plotters and cut the graphic out in one of the materials you choose like;  glitter fleck, fashion film, fashion electric, foils and Premium Plus and Sport Film for jerseys, Halogram, Twill, Applique Finishes, Reflective and even Flock (textured a great alternative to embroidery). Once your image is created, its applied with a Professional Heat Press for a permanent finish.

Q: Do you provide; Rhinestones, Crystal and Bling Type Shirts

A: NO, at this time we do not offer Rhinestone Garments

Q: Are there any graphics that you will not print on shirts?

A: YES - we will not print, nudity, profanity or racist images or text on shirts.  All images are subject to being rejected once evaluated. Graphics with watermarks, trademarks (unless they are your trademarks for graphics you've created) Professional sport teams for Major or Minor leagues. (we are NOT licensed to print those). Professional Bands or Celebrities (we are not licensed to print those) Cartoon Characters (we are not licensed to print those) TV Shows (we are not licensed to print those)

Q: Will I receive a "Mock-up" of my t-shirt?

A: We only provide mock-ups for custom orders or large orders.  Our mock-ups are not true to size and only show position and orientation of the graphics you are requesting we print or assemble. Size will be adjusted to fit within our shirt frames.  See size of graphics for more information.  We do not have the capability of creating mock-up true to size.  If you would like a more "true" example, please order a sample shirt which is located under Custom T-shirt section of our website.

Q: What resolution or size should my image be?

A: We only accept a minimum resolution of 300 dpi images - photos or images taken with cell phones will print blurry no matter what megapixel (we continue to test them) We prefer images that are created by professional designers and NOT stolen from Google images. If you are searching for images, always search for Royalty FREE.  We require print ready, size ready art.  Otherwise there is a $25 additional charge to prepare your art for your shirt(s).

Q: I don't have a high resolution or Vector of my artwork what do I do?

A: We do offer those services on many types of artwork for an additional fee.  Orders of 200 pieces or more receive this service for FREE.

Q: Can I order in Bulk?

A: YES we process and handle large orders all the time, however our definition of Bulk is 25 -10,000 shirts.  Please use the Bulk Order form when ordering so that we can provide you with the best price. You must include your graphic for approval. We do offer discounts on bulk orders, but the amount of discount depends on the graphic, number of shirts and the amount of inks we need to complete your order. If your shirt has less than 6 colors, we always recommend screen printing or sublimation for these items as its not economical to print those with our DTG machine.

Q: How fast can I get my order?

A: Please read through our Shipping Policy. We ship within 3-5 business days, unless you have chosen expedited shipping. Custom made items could take up to 10 business days to ship, depending on the item.

Q: It looks like your website only takes Pay Pal payments, or is established through Pay Pal and I don't have a Pay Pal Account, How do I order?

A: Pay Pal is our Facilitator for payments. You DO NOT NEED A PAY PAL ACCOUNT TO PLACE AN ORDER or to pay an invoice you have received from us. Pay Pal is used as a third party payment system so that you can use your regular Credit or Debt Cards and they can verify your funds are available.  Please watch carefully for all of the payment links to complete your order.  We try and avoid taking payments over the phone as it takes the order out of our regular system and then we have to enter it manually into our system and this can delay your order. Following the prompts and placing your order on-line is the best option for both parties. Should you follow all the prompts and have an issue, please contact our office during regular business hours and we can walk you through the payment process.

Q: I own a non-profit so do I have to pay taxes on the order?

A: We love to work with non-profits, we just require that you provide us with a copy of your tax ID when placing the order.

Q: I own a On-Line Store, Restaurant or Retail Shop - are you willing to print shirts for me to sell? Do you offer wholesale?

A: YES, we supply Garments to shop all around town, locally. We also can drop ship your garments to supply to your on-line store or retail shop located outside of our area.  Please use the BULK Ordering Form to request a quote and upload your graphics for approval.  You can also email them or send us a link to view those graphics to; CedarHillCountryMarket@gmail.com We are happy to print in low quantities and there is NO min or Set Up fees. Obviously the more items you buy the deeper your discount. This would also apply to our Embroidery Services.  We supply many stores with custom embroidery whether online or locally.  Turn-around times are longer for custom embroidery but our customers are thrilled with our work.  Please see our Facebook page for examples.  We love Custom Work we love to show off our work and we create items that everyone can be proud to wear.

Q: How long does the print last on the shirt?

A: If you follow our CARE instructions that we provide with each order, your shirt image will out last the fabric.  If you decide not to follow the care instructions, then we can not guarantee the shirts.