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Chicken Hen Saddle Apron Cedar Hill Country Market
Chicken Hen Saddle Apron Cedar Hill Country Market

Chicken Hen Saddle Apron

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If your a chicken Mamma then you have likely experienced your Roo being too aggressive with your hens.  Repeated matting can rub or remove feathers from your Hens back and can cause irritation, or even sun burn from walking around the yard in the beating sun. In order to help with this, we make chicken saddles or hen aprons depending on where you are located and what they call them.  We believe that the fabric choice is truly important to the success of the saddle/apron as chickens tend to pick on others and either they or their flock try and remove the saddles which creates a constant battle of keeping it on. We sell them as sets. We do ask that you send us a photo of your girls so we can try and closely match her feather's main color in order to have the best opportunity for success. Our email address is

Each Apron measures 6.5 long and 8.5 wide on a standard (if we do not receive measurements from you) We don't charge less for smaller sizes as no matter what size it does take time to make a handmade item, these are not made in a factory nor in china but in my sewing room.

Medium sizes are only recommended for small-sized Standard chickens like small White Leghorns and pheasants. Bantams sizes will fit small breeds like Silkies.